Cricket in Gibraltar has a strong presence and a rich history. Despite being a small territory, cricket enjoys significant popularity and has a well-established structure within Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Cricket Association (GCA) serves as the governing body for cricket in Gibraltar. It was founded in 1960 and is an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). The GCA is responsible for promoting and organizing cricket activities in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar has a national cricket team that represents the territory in international competitions. The team has participated in events such as the ICC European Championship and other regional tournaments. Their performances have been commendable, considering the size of the cricketing community in Gibraltar.

At the domestic level, cricket in Gibraltar is organized through various leagues and tournaments. The Gibraltar Cricket League is the primary domestic competition, featuring clubs from within Gibraltar. The league provides a platform for local players to compete against each other and showcase their skills.

Gibraltar boasts excellent cricket facilities, including the Victoria Stadium, which is equipped with turf wickets. This stadium serves as the primary venue for domestic matches, as well as international fixtures when Gibraltar hosts visiting teams.

Cricket in Gibraltar also benefits from the involvement of expatriate communities, particularly from the United Kingdom and other cricket-playing nations. These expatriates contribute to the development of the sport by forming cricket clubs, playing in domestic competitions, and providing coaching and guidance to local players.

The GCA is actively engaged in promoting cricket at the grassroots level. They organize coaching programs and development initiatives in schools and local communities, aiming to introduce cricket to the youth and generate interest in the sport. Schools in Gibraltar have also started including cricket in their sports curriculum, which further supports the growth of the sport.

In addition to domestic cricket, Gibraltar has hosted international matches and tournaments. The territory has welcomed teams from neighboring Spain and has also hosted ICC events such as the European T20 Championships.

Cricket in Gibraltar has shown a strong commitment to growth and development. With its well-established structure, dedicated facilities, and enthusiastic community, the sport continues to thrive in the territory.

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